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3 Life Hacks!

Oooh that smell! How to eliminate stinky odors in a non toxic way. Want to cut down on the sugar content in your favorite beverage? How about making those all natural soaps foam up like the ones you were used to? Watch the video for these tips!

Tasty Foods

Love and Laughter


I am Kelly Fothergill of Aikenwellness and I’m so glad you’ve stopped by or should I say “rolled in?” 😉 I started this blog as “roll-with-me” a few years ago and since then I moved with my husband and 2 awesome kids, to Aiken, SC. So that’s why you see both names!

One thing hasn’t changed: I am passionate about 3 things: health/wellness, my family and my faith! 

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Essential Oils

How and why my family and I use essential oils in our home every day.

For the Love of keto!

Together my husband and I have lost a total of 81 pounds in 17 months on the keto diet. Our incredible journey has taught us a lot and we share it here!


Food is an essential part of life and I happen to love playing with it! I prepare tasty keto friendly meals for my husband and I all of the time!


It is my lifeline. Like you, I’ve experienced great joy, times of wonder and pleasure. I’ve loved, suffered loss and know grief. Without faith in Jesus, I’d have no hope. I share some experiences here.


We are Kelly, Jarrod, Jack and Tyler.


My recent adventures in creating beautiful art and home goods out of repurposed materials.

If you change nothing, nothing changes.
Joyce Brothers

3 Pillars of health and wellness


The body is such an amazing machine! Treat it well and it will reward you. 


There’s no such thing as “I’m just stressed.” Stress takes a toll. Emotional health is not to be neglected.

Praying hands is in the dark


You do not have a soul. You have a body. You are a soul.- CS Lewis.

Products and Services I Enjoy!

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