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Benefits of Keto

kelly-before-after-ketoStunning, the difference, isn’t it? On the left is the photo taken before I started keto and on the right is where I am now! I started in January and I have nothing but good things to say about how keto has changed my life!I even got into my old Navy uniform just to see if I could! kelly in navy uniform ketoAnd look at that! I did!

Before I continue, I just want to remind you to do your due diligence. What has been a good thing for me may not be for you. Please consult with your healthcare provider *before* beginning any new health regimen or diet programs – or anything else. I would never want you to become ill or worse because you made a change based on incomplete information.

Now that the disclaimer is out of the way, let’s move on! As you can see, what has been a “fad diet” for some, has totally worked for Jarrod and I! We are the healthier for it. As you may remember, I deal with chronic pain. Maybe I should say I have chronic pain. Dealing with it is another matter! It only makes sense that the larger my body became the harder it became to move and have energy or motivation to move! While I don’t see that every pain in my body has been eliminated (far from it), there has been some reduction. I’m hopeful that will continue.Freshness by practicing a keto diet

Other Benefits of Keto

As with anything, there’s what “they say” about what the keto can do, but this has been my personal experience so far. I’ve tried so many and this is the one I intend to stick to! So what I’ve noticed over the 8 months that it’s been now is:

Way less cravings

The main problem when we eat sugary foods is that they leave us craving. Not only that, but chances are when we eat sugary foods, we’re not also eating the “clean foods” as much so we are left craving simply because we are actually nutrient deprived! Imagine that! I don’t have to. Been there, done it. Has everything about going keto been easy? No, but the payoff is totally worth it.

Better Sleep and More Energy

benefits of keto more energy
More energy to goof off!

The keto before and after pictures and results clearly show the true benefits of this diet. What’s nice is after going through that initial period where my body was shifting into more of a healthy pattern, I have more motivation to do more things that will improve over all health. Including exercise!

The other noticeable changes have been that I have less of a bloated feeling and it takes less food to give me a feeling of satiety – or being “full” but in a healthy way.

Other Possible Benefits

There are some potential benefits that I do not yet have evidence of, but hope to in near future. One thing that some people have found after “going keto” is that their triglycerides are lower and their liver is healthier. I haven’t asked for those tests yet but probably will and of course, I’ll let you know! So that’s it for now guys!

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