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A Bit of a Disclaimer Here!

Because I Care!

I write about the benefits of essential oils I receive because this all part of my story. In no way am I suggesting that you try something without doing your own homework, or consulting with a physician. While I have my own regimens and recipes, please do not use my thoughts or experiences as a potential cure or treatment for an existing condition for which you are receiving medical care.

Quick Recap on "What Are Essential Oils?"

There, with that out of the way, I will give you a little bit of background and some parts of my own story about what I have found to be the benefit of essential oils in my life and home in Aiken, South Carolina. So in my last post (link to previous post, “What Are Essential Oils,” ) I told you about what essentials are. If you read it you may remember that “essential” does mean something completely different in the context of essential oils. I also told you how essential oils are made and talked about some of the processing that goes on. More importantly, I talked about how essential oils, while they seem to be a health “trend” actually go way back. They are talked about as early as in the times of BC, mentioned in Scripture as offerings and oils to anoint kings with! What’s new about essential oils is the way they can be processed and made available because of how technology has advanced. Now because of technology, you don’t need to manually crush with a mortar and pestal those plant roots, seeds, bark, flowers, etc. (Thank God!) Imagine how long and how much energy went into that ordeal!

Experience The Benefits Of Essential Oils

When I talk to people about the benefits I have experienced by using essential oils in my life, I am often greeted with wary skepticism. Often people in my area of Aiken, SC, think of these products as scented oils for the home or as oils to be used in diffusers to add a lovely, botanical scent to the air.

While essential oils do provide a lovely aroma when used in diffusers, they also provide specific compounds found naturally in plants and plant parts, including bark, leaves, flowers, and even the roots and seeds. Since they are concentrated through a distillation process or a cold-pressing method, they are a natural way of utilizing essential compounds provided by plants.

There are many different types of products on the market. The line of products that I recommend is Young Living Oils, and I use these in my Aiken, SC, home. In fact, I found the benefits of these essential oils were amazing, which is why I chose to become a distributor. They add health and wellness benefits without any of the side effects of over-the-counter medications for many common ailments.

Essential Oils For Colds, Congestion and Sinus Problems

Throughout this area, particularly in the fall and winter, colds, chest congestion, and sinus problems are a big issue. Many of the over-the-counter medications leave people feeling groggy and lethargic. Choosing to use essential oils for congestion and colds is a very different experience, resulting in relief from symptoms without the negative side-effects.

There are different options and blends within the Young Living Oils line of essential oils for sinus, colds, and congestion that not only help with symptoms but also stimulate the immune system. These essential oils can be massaged on the chest or neck or rubbed on the nose to relieve congestion and help you to breathe easily.

To learn more about essential oils for colds, sinuses, and congestion, email me at [email protected]

Is It "Hocus Pocus" or is There Something to This?

Common Questions About the Benefit of Essential Oils

The questions that may be going through your mind, even after reading essential oils 101, may go something like this:

  • Why have civilizations gone through all this trouble? Was it worth it? Is it all hocus pocus, mind over matter, literal “snake oil?” And what’s the deal today, and why now?
  • What is lure of essential oils and do they work? What are the benefits of essential oils?
  • Do the benefits vary according to the way they are processed? Those are all great questions and we will cover some of them in this post, and others in future posts. Let’s begin with what the benefits of essential oils are.
benefits of essential oil post image-kelly fothergill-roll-with-me

Some Benefits of Essential Oils

A Few Reasons Why I use Them


One of the benefits of essential oils is simply the obvious. They smell nice. As humans, we use all of our senses in every experience. If something looks good but smells awful or tastes awful, most of us (present company included!) will go the other way. There’s a certain of stress that goes with an unpleasant taste or smell. I don’t know about you where you are, but life here in Aiken, SC can be challenging enough at times! Why should we subject ourselves to things that smell awful or taste lousy? Most of us won’t! We will avoid that kind of stress and really- why shouldn’t we?

Essential oils – if only because they have a pleasant aroma – can soothe the senses and relax the mind. This is just one reason why most of your massage parlors use some form of essential oil.  Is there more to it than that? Yes.

YL diffusers
Young Living's Essential Oil Diffusers

Pain Management

Many people who use essential oils (myself included!) use essential oils in their lives every day, not just because they have a pleasant aroma. I use them to help me manage my chronic pain. In an early post I told you about my diagnosis of TOS (Thoracic Outlet Syndrome) . I also told you about my Lyme disease. One of these has been quite enough to put me over the edge at times. The inflammation and pain that I often feel grip my body is quite disruptive to life some days. I have never been one to like taking medications. I do when I absolutely have to for infections and such.

I Enjoy Natural Methods of Treating or Managing Pain

Beyond that, I often slather myself in some combination of essential oils and I always have an essential oil diffuser running at home. (Essential oil diffusers are a great way to disperse the aroma of essential oils throughout your home. There are more portable options too, like car diffusers. I digress. Back to essential oils and how I use them for chronic pain.

A Few of the Essential Oils I Use

A common go-to for me when it comes to chronic pain is peppermint. Because pain- in and of itself is stress-inducing, I often combine it with lavender essential oil (for example), to help relax me. If you are wondering about specific blends or recipes, and how to compare products and brand names, we will get into that later.  (By the way if you’re a subscriber , I will be sending monthly tips, ideas, recipes for you to enjoy at home!

So Young Living is the company whose products I enjoy and that’s why I chose to become an independent distributor. I love the idea of helping people by providing a superior product right from nature. Once again, if my blog posts are starting to pique your interest about the benefits of essential oils, I urge you to contact me. I would be happy to have a discussion, arrange an online event where you can try something you make yourself and see how you like it. 🙂 Thanks to technology, this is an option whether you live down the street near me in Aiken, SC., or in a different state. Please feel free to reach out!

Immune Boosting

This is good timing. Here we are coming into cold and flu season and if ever there’s a time you want to take precautions against “coming down with something” I’m guessing it’s now. School is back in session, kids are a petri dish of germs and bacteria, the stress of the holidays may run you down. Getting run down means getting sick. Unfortunately, some of that is inevitable for many of us.

Getting Run Down Means Getting Sick

Another benefit of essential oils is that they can help keep the bugs away. Incidentally, bugs can be both the ones that fly and crawl – as well as at the kind that just give you the scratchy throat, fevers and coughs. No doubt you’ve seen such products as Airborne, the homeopathic powder that some people use before they go into a crowded area or travel and feel more prone to “coming down with something.” There’s also Emergen-C, another homeopathic option for fighting things off. Personally, I use essential oils for this. I’ve found it’s one of the many benefits of essential oils- not only for me, but for my family in Aiken.

Thieves, a Legendary Blend

I enjoy Young Living’s product, called Thieves, which is a blend of oils legend says were used to protect people from disease and sickness centuries ago. You can learn more about Thieves here.

benefits of essential oils image - jack fothergill
My son, Jack enjoying the diffuser!

Stress Management

(A Little About the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems)


Did you know that your body is effected by good stress as well as “bad stress?” The way God made our bodies, everything has an impact. The “good” stresses stimulate our parasympathetic nervous system; while the “bad” stresses stimulate our sympathetic nervous system. Why does this matter? Because life and health are often times about one simple word: balance. Health is more likely to be promoted and maintained if we can balance the good with the not so good. Someone once said, life is 10% what happens to us and 90% of how we deal with it, or something like that. Makes sense! So much about our lives are out of our control.

An Example of Sympathetic Nervous System (Fight or flight)

No one gets up in the morning and decides, I think I’ll have a nice tumble down the stairs today, or let’s go for a drive and have a car hit us. All of those are examples of things that trigger the stress response (fight/flight). This is the job of the sympathetic nervous system. If you leave your house for work in the morning already stressed out, your nervous system already frayed, how do you think you’ll respond to the first traffic jam you come to? Or the driver that cut you off? How much harder might it be to concentrate once you get to the office if you’re still reliving the close call you had on the way?


Check out the quick animated video that explains this in a more in depth way. 🙂

The Parasympathetic Nervous System

Imagine, instead having your breakfast, while enjoying the pleasant scent of your favorite oils  diffusing in the background. This time you get in your car, plug your car diffuser in and your senses continue to take in that lovely fragrance. Maybe now the traffic jam doesn’t seem so annoying. Before you know it, the same person that cut you off in traffic becomes the topic  of your prayers rather than curses. See the difference? Let me tell you, I sure do! When I go to sleep at night with my diffuser running,  I am way more likely to sleep well. When I wake up and put the morning invigorating blends in and go about my day, I feel more clear-headed and less stressed – even if (or when!) stresses get thrown at me. Again, friends, this is how I choose to live. Please do your due diligence and consult with anyone you need to about your own health needs. 

In Conclusion

Coming in for a Landing Here…

In conclusion, there are many benefits of essential oils that I have found. I  count on my oil blends every day for everything from a good nights sleep to keeping the “gesundheits” away. I use them to manage stress and help me with my chronic pain. How do you know if or how they may help you if you’ve never tried? The truth is you won’t. So if you’re willing to give it a go, and you can safely do that please give me a shout out. As always, feel free and leave your comments below!

Take care guys!

Please feel free to comment or ask a question!

Do you use any essential oil blends? Which ones? What made you want to try them?

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