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Essential Oils In Antibacterial, Antimicrobial, And Antiviral Use

It seems that everywhere you turn today, you are bombarded with more information on COVID-19 and what needs to be done to stay safe. For many people, staying safe means turning to harsh chemicals and solutions that may ultimately be toxic to pets, kids, and grownups.

Dating back to the earliest times, humans have turned to natural options for all types of issues. Many times they turned to plant oils or essential oils.

Essential oils are made from concentrated plant compounds. These essential oils have natural properties that may help support the immune system in its fight against various types of bacteria and viruses. Being extracted from plants, essential oils do not have many of the toxic side-effects that some chemicals may.


The History of Thieves Oil

Thieves Oil was first used in the 1400s to provide antiviral protection during the Bubonic Plague. The original story is about 4 thieves who were stealing from people who were very sick and dying from the plague. Despite the close contact, the thieves did not become ill and continued to prosper.


When they were finally captured and sent before the judge, he agreed to let them live if they told him how they thought they had managed to stay healthy. The thieves told the judge about the combination of essential oils they rubbed on their face, hands, ears, mouth, and feet before entering the homes of the sick and dying. This information was passed on to doctors in Europe.

Today, science recognizes the value of some specific types of essential oils in supporting the immune system. “Thieves blend” is a combination of cinnamon, clove, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary essential oils. Different types of blends may also include other essential oils. This blend can be used in diffusers or applied topically on the hands and skin as needed.


Other essential oils with immune-supporting benefits include ginger, thyme, peppermint, lemon balm (Melissa), star anise, and oregano. Not all of these essential oils can be used internally, but they are all good options for use for cleaning and diffusing to help support the immune system.

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