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Time Tested Uses of Lavender Essential Oil

Oh mummy!

That’s not a typo. I mean oh mummy- as in the mummified body of King Tut. Why on earth am I talking about him?

Believe it or not, when King Tut’s tomb was opened in 1923 there was a faint smell of lavender! Isn’t that crazy? I kid you not. Apparently one of the oldest lavender essential oil uses was mummification/embalming!

egyptian pyramid lavender essential oil uses post

Now assuming you don’t have any mummifying to do (how creepy), there are lots of other lavender essential oil uses I thought you may like to know about. Also, since I mentioned using it as an ingredient in my last post, I felt it a good time to go into it a bit more. 🙂 Ready?

What’s amazing about lavender is it is both gentle enough to be applied topically, but it is also powerful enough to do some serious heavy lifting.

Therapeutic Lavender Essential Oil Uses

What would you say is one of the most chronic conditions that most every human has?

I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that we all deal with stress. Amirite? I will raise both hands for that one. In case you’re wondering why I call it a “condition” it is because that’s exactly what it is.

Stress puts a tremendous burden on the body and soul. I’ve mentioned it in other posts but the fact is, a series of physiological things happen when we are in that “fight or flight” state of stress.

Additionally, I hate to break it to you but even good stress is stress. It’s all about the impact stress has on our bodies.

Stress Reduction

So one of the go-to lavender essential oil uses is that it reduces stress!
Friends, this isn’t late breaking information. It’s just that now the research and scientific data confirms what civilizations have known and practiced for generations!

Clinical Data

There is one study, done in 2013 and published in the International Journal of Psychiatry in Clinical Practice that I can mention here. Here’s how it went:

What they found was that supplementing with 80 mg capsules of lavender essential oil improved sleep, and reduced both anxiety and depression. In this particular study there were none of the bad things people usually fear: withdrawal symptoms, adverse affects or drug interactions.

You can’t say any of that about most stress and anxiety treatments out there, can you? lavender essential oil uses stress reduction


Especially as a Navy Vet, it makes me happy to know that lavender has been effective in treating PTSD. Once again, the amount was 80 mg of lavender oil per day. What they found when they followed the 47 PTSD sufferers:

  • Depression decreased by 33 percent,
  • The lavender oil also significantly reduced sleep disturbances and
  • It improved the overall health of the participants.

Guys, this is huge! All this from an oil! Lavender oil!

lavender essentiall oil uses navy memorial va beach


Brain Health

Imagine if we could pull back the proverbial curtain on everything our brains have to do in a single hour…

It does so many things that we are not even aware. Consciously we are:

  • Making decisions all the time
  • Processing information,
  • Storing or retrieving memories.

We know this, but our brains do a zillion things that we aren’t conscious of as well.

  • The brain sends signals that tell us we are:
  • Thirsty, or hungry,
    Gives us that “sense” that something isn’t quite right with a loved one,
  • The urge you just got to pee,
  • The ability to breathe and swallow.

All of that is brain activity, and none of it is consciously done on our part. We notice the feelings, we don’t create them. Here’s a simple animation that explains this process in a bit more detail 🙂

That being said, if the brain is that crucial to our life we ought to do our best to protect it, right? The sad fact is, Alzheimers and other forms of dementia are on the rise. I don’t know about you, but I find it frightening to see what happens to a failing brain.

Incidentally, another lavender essential oil use is it that it is protective of the brain. Once again, you do not need to take my word for it. Get this:

In a study in 2012, Phytomedicine documented results of a study:

“Taken together, our results suggest that antioxidant and antiapoptotic activities of the lavender essential oils are the major mechanisms for their potent neuroprotective effects against scopolamine-induced oxidative stress in the rat brain.” (emphasis mine)

Confession, I have no idea what antiapoptotic means. nor did any dictionary – medical or otherwise I could find. What is clear to me though, is this study showed that lavender can help protect the brain and delay its aging. That’s plain English and that’s enough for me to keep me using it!

Cosmetic Lavender Essential Oil Uses

Beyond its therapeutic powers, lavender essential oil is beneficial to the body cosmetically as well. Here are a few examples:


Do you know that your skin is actually your body’s largest organ?
No joke. That being said, I would say that it’s very important to protect our skin as well.
Lavender essential oil can help reverse the signs of aging! Just as it slows the aging process of the brain, it has been shown to help with everything from acne to age spots! (source)

Did you know lavender is great on dried, chapped lips? Add a bit to some shea butter or coconut oil and feel relief quickly! Also it prevents your lips from getting sunburned too, so why treat when you can prevent? There are few things worse than burned or chapped lips. (Sidebar: chapped lips can also be the result of dehydration so make sure you’re hydrating- especially when you’re going to be in the sun. Hydration is key to good health!

Move over, Febreze and the like. Lavender oil makes a fantastic air freshener. Spray a mixture of lavender and water in the air or diffuse it. Spray the same directly onto bedding for a nice, fresh aroma. Since lavender helps reduce stress too, it should send you off to dreamland quite peacefully!

So it’s one thing to cite all these studies and read all the facts, and I give them to you so you can do the research if you like as well. However, what I also want share with you is my personal experience. Here’s a video on how my son Jack showed me just how effective lavender oil is with reducing stress:

In Conclusion

Lavender essential oil uses are as varied as they are time tested. It has many benefits to the body from your brain, to your skin and hair. You may use it as an air and fabric freshener too.

As always, do your own due diligence. If you have any doubt that using anything I talk about here is a good thing for your health and home, consult with your health care provider. That’s it for now, guys.

Hey – do you have any experience with using lavender oil? Tell me about it below.

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