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Thoracic Outlet

Syndrome (TOS)

A Rare Condition (!)

As I mentioned , I am no stranger to pain. In a previous post I wrote about misery I’ve been through with Lyme Disease, the tick-borne illness I didn’t know I had till long after I had been bitten. Well, not too long ago I was diagnosed with something else. It seems I grew an extra rib. Yes, you read that right. Somehow (and the theories are as random as the symptoms themselves), I developed an extra bone and it’s protruding from my cervical spine. I’ve been told more times than I want to remember, that this is a rare condition. Rare or common, I have it! As I write this I’m still not sure what will be done, though I suppose surgery is more than likely. I can’t imagine my symptoms improving as long as I’m walking around with an extra bone in a place I already have troubles. Lucky you, you get to read all about my saga with this on my blog and we’ll find out together what’s going on. 

Thoracic outlet syndrome is a condition whereby symptoms are produced from compression of nerves or blood vessels, or both, because of an inadequate passageway through an area (thoracic outlet) between the base of the neck and the armpit. (Source)

What I can tell you is that it is extremely painful. The pain that goes with TOS makes the smallest task and the most routine movements agonizing at times. My arms go numb, my fingers turn colors and somehow pain and numbness can co-exist. Yes, I know. I’m a rare bird. Doctors have made that abundantly clear to me. Thankfully, though, there are some specialists out there that take this more seriously than others and want to help me find some relief. By the time you read this, I will have received some injections that I pray will bring some relief to me. In the meantime, I see a chiropractor, have massages every so often, do modified versions of workouts to keep moving as best as I can. Stay tuned! I hope to have more on this soon! Health can be a pain in the neck, can’t it? 😉

Do you have any knowledge or experience of TOS or any other “rare condition?” Do tell…

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